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Ambassador Program

Become a part of India’s Largest Ambassador Program

About NND Ambassador Program

Notes next door is an established platform with the sole driving aim of providing an easy access to mandatory notes concerning all major competitive exams.
Our business model is based on accomplishing the task of bringing the apt study material that you need right at your doorstep with a single click. We believe in carving toppers and toppers never delay.
Owing to which, NND leaves no stone unturned to bring to you just what you need as fast as possible.

What You Will Do?

Learn and Inculcate

We at NND are a new age learning platform. So you will get to work with a team that shall strive to make you learn and develop your skills in various aspects of management and communication.


We believe that the mind should never be put to rest, it should continue thinking, analyzing and strategizing to sharpen its abilities. So NND wants you to think and come up with innovative ideas so as to improve and develop together. We have utmost faith in the intellect of our members and hence all your ideas shall be given proper attention.


We shall work together to reform your leadership and representation qualities as you promote our new education related products and represent us in your campus.

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Grow and Communicate

Spread the word, communicate and let your colleagues know about the services offered by NND so that our family grows bigger and better with the days to come.

Notes Next Door Ambassador Program

Here’s a great opportunity for you to officially represent NND !!

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